Ageing population refers to a process by which older individuals become a proportionally larger share of the population, because the older members are growing faster than the total population. The phenomenon characterizes not only industrialized countries, where the trend is much more evident, but also developing countries and, according United Nations' analysis, the trend will continue at least untilĀ  2050. Mortality and fertility decline from higher to lower levels, reshaping the age structure of the population in most regions of the world and shifting relative weight from younger to older groups. The specific indicators considered are the total fertility rate, life expectancy and the survival rate. To the economic system, the increasing number of potential beneficiaries of health and pension funds - those mainly over 65 years old - are supported by a pretty smaller portion of potential contributors - those in the economically active ages of 15-64. Labor force participation among the older population has been declining worldwide.


Editor: Marianna RONCHINI