Farm business which provide hospitality and catering. 
According to law 96/2006, agritourism business consists in all the reception and hospitality activities provided by agricultural entrepreneurs, also in partnership or in corporations, by using their own farm in connection with farming, forestry and breeding activities. Agricultural entrepreneurs and their relatives, as well as temporary, permanent and part-time workers (who are all considered agricultural workers for the purposes of social security, insurance and taxation) can be employed in the agritourism business. Third parties can be hired only when they are involved in complementary services and activities.
The agritourism activities include:
- Providing accommodations or open spaces designed for campers;
- Providing meals and beverages mainly made of products produced on the premises or in nearby farms, including alcoholic drinks and spirits, with a predilection for typical products bearing PDO, PGI, TGI, CDO and CGDO quality labels, or included in the national list of traditional agro-alimentary products;
- Arranging the tasting of farm products, including wine tasting;
- Organising -even outside the property of the farm business- recreational, cultural, educational, and sports activities, including hiking and horseback riding, also in agreement with the local authorities, with the aim of developing the territory and its rural resources.
The agritourism business can be carried out only in pre-existing rural buildings that are not useful to the farm business anymore. Regional financial help is provided in the framework of the Rural Development Plan supported by the European Union.
Editor: Barbara PANCINO