The African Development Bank is a multilateral development bank composed of 53 regional member countries and 24 non-regional member countries. AfDB, together with the African Development Fund and the Nigerian Trust Fund, forms the African Development Bank Group. Founded in 1964, AfDB began its activity in 1967 from its headquarters in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast. In 2003, however, the Board of Governors decided to relocate temporarily to Tunisia, due to the political tensions characterising the Ivory Coast area. The Bank’s main objective is to promote sustainable economic development with a vision towards reducing poverty in the African continent and increasing indigenous population’s quality of life. To achieve this objective the Bank finances development programmes and projects particularly focused on water provision, training, health and rural infrastructure.
Krasner, S. D. (1981), Power Structures and Regional Development Banks, International Organization, Vol. 35, N. 2, pp. 303-328, Cambridge University Press.


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