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The Standard Eurobarometer was introduced in 1973 by the European Commission (EC) to monitor the European public opinion in the member states and candidate countries, on several issues regarding the integration process and the policies implemented at European level. The survey is carried out twice a year, in spring and summer, and is based on 1000 face-to-face interviews, except Germany (1500), Luxembourg (600), and the UK (1300), conducted in the appropriate national language. The sample selected for the in-home interviews are resident of each member state and are at least 15 years old. Moreover, the sample is representative of the entire national territory (divided into metropolitan, urban and rural areas) and  socio-demographic analyses for specific issues are often reported(i.e. the European citizens' opinion about the EU future), as well as the reference to sex, age, and respondent occupation scale (student, self-employed, managers, other white collars, etc.). Since 2004, the EC has committed the surveys at European scale to TNS Opinion & Social.
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Editor: Bianca GIANNINI