The National Entity for Microcredit (ENM) is a non-economic public body established in 2005 by the Italian Committee for Microcredit, established within the international year of microcredit promoted by the United Nations.
The ENM exercises important functions in the field of microcredit and microfinance, at national and international level, including:
♣ promotion, guidance, facilitation, evaluation and monitoring of microfinance instruments promoted by the European Union and of microfinance activities carried out under EU funds (Law 106 of 12 July 2011, article 8, paragraph 4 bis);
♣ monitoring and evaluation of Italian micro-credit and microfinance initiatives (Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers of 2 July 2010 published in the Official Journal No. 220 of 20 September 2010);
♣ promotion and support of microcredit and microfinance programs for the country's economic and social development, as well as for developing countries and transition economies (Law 24 December 2007 n.244, art.2, paragraphs 185-186-187 ).
The body has been given the task of maintaining and managing the list of operators in auxiliary non-financial assistance and monitoring services for microcredit. In application of article 15 of the D.M. 176/2014, Banca d’Italia has regulated procedures, terms and procedures for the creation and management of a national list of microcredit operators. Article. 13, paragraph 1-bis of the Decree Law of 22 October 2016, no. 193 - converted with amendments into the Law of 1 December 2016, no. 252 - consequently instituted at the ENM, which is responsible for maintaining and updating the mandatory national list of operators in auxiliary non-financial assistance and monitoring services for microcredit. On 20 February 2018, Banca d’Italia and ENM signed the memorandum of understanding aimed at the realization of the aforementioned list, as envisaged by the aforementioned Tax Decree.
The ENM promotes microfinance instruments, with particular reference to entrepreneurial and social microcredit, agricultural microcredit, micro-insurance and housing microfinance. The ENM also manages important self-employment projects funded by the European Community.
 Finally, the National Microcredit Authority plays an important legislative promotion role in favor of the microcredit market and has been the main actor in various provisions of primary and secondary legislation among which it is worth mentioning those referring to the microcredit legislation, introduced with the amendment to Title V of the Consolidated Banking Act (Article 111 TUB Introduced by Article 7 of the Legislative Decree of 13 August 2010; Legislative Decree of 19 September 2012, No. 169), to the extension to the microcredit of the intervention of the Central Guarantee Fund for SMEs (Article 39, paragraph 7-bis, DL December 6, 2011, No. 201), to non-financial services to support microcredit (Bank of Italy provisions for registration and management of list of microcredit operators implementing Article 111 of the TUB and Article 15 of the MEF Decree 176/2014, published in GURI on 3 June 2015).
In the action of spreading microfinance tools, with particular reference to those aimed at fighting poverty and promoting social inclusion, the Authority promotes agreements and partnerships with public and private subjects, banking and financial intermediaries, universities and research centers.